The Freedom Revolution… Rocking Our World

The Freedom Revolution focuses on the inspiring events rocking our world and the responsibility of every Believer to recognize their purpose in doing their part. Hold onto your seat. If you are ready to get enlightened over the amazing turmoil that is reshaping nations. You will discover that our Creator is responsible for the birth pains of nations through a divine plan of bringing Freedom to all nations. This book is not about you or me but what the God of this World has been unfolding and the crescendo we have experienced in the last decade…with more to come. …”

In the heart and soul of every man there is a small seed, longing to burst forward in the good soil that only freedom can supply.” This book brings a fresh, inspiring and for some a controversial perspective on the dramatic events changing the Middle East, Asia, Far East and USA. It all stems from America’s assignment to lead, demonstrate , defended and evangelize for freedom. Freedom and the Church are the tools of our Creator accelerating the World into alignment for the authentic and final Freedom, with relief from fear and bondage of all people.

True Wealth… by the Book

This book has been labeled “inspirational” by readers because of the positive and touching stories of famous and notable leaders who have lived by Biblical Truths to become “richly” blessed.

More than 100 stories and illustrations highlight the experiences of pioneers and icons such as J. C. Penney, Sam Walton, Mary Kay, Conrad Hilton, Ronald Reagan, and Jackie Robinson, just to name a few.

The book brings to life the 3 Cornerstones of Truths and how they apply to everyday life of individuals, families, businesses, and nations simple, yet profound rules to live by which will refocus our perspective on God’s purposes and plans for success.


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