Faith or Education


Dr. Jerry Williamson, the President of Go To Nations, the respected international mission sending group that has over 500 missionaries in 86 countries says, “People are replacing Faith with Education. It’s a major mistake and Pastors need to sound the alarm and they aren’t.” In a world of increasing technology and mass media, we are taught to “Google it or Facebook them.” Prayer is something too many do in desperation as a last resort because somewhere on the internet, we are expecting an answer. It won’t be long before the internet and your thousand channel TV will be merged with your Lap Top and all of it will be available on your Double Smart Satellite phone

Obviously the Lord wants us to have all these devices because He is the Creator and the One who implanted the visions and skills in selected people to invent and manufacture these tools to bring His world and people closer together. Life is a balance, and I envision Him more often wanting us to ask for His assistance. Check out these personal experiences that brought me to this perspective.

Years ago, I went through a seven year bout with severe back pain. I used to get up each morning and stretch, touch my toes and do 20 push ups. Then one day, I could only get half way toward touching my toes while in severe pain. At Church, every Sunday the pastor would begin his teaching with “who needs a healing prayer, please stand.” I would painfully pop out of my seat but I never got any relief from his prayers. One morning while shaving in great pain, I looked in the mirror and said, “Lord why won’t you heal my back pain?” Immediately, the Holy Spirit said to me “because you will give all the credit to those vitamins you take.” Even though it was the Lord who led me to taking vitamins I knew He was right. Within three months the pain finally went away with no special prayer, but God taught me a great lesson. I have no witness without giving Him the credit.

A few years later, I had gone through a painful tooth issue. I prayed for God to heal the tooth and took my vitamins and pain relievers as it got more severe. I had set up an appointment with a specialist. Unfortunately, it was around Christmas and I could not see him for three weeks. Two weeks before my appointment I was in an incredible amount of pain. That night, I lay in my bed crying out to God to heal me for five hours straight. The pain got worse and worse until finally I promised the Lord I would tell 7,000 people if He would bring His healing power. Within moments, the pain went away. I must have praised Him for thirty minutes until I finally fell asleep.

When I got to the dentist I had had no pain. He told me that I should be in extreme pain because the tooth was completely split in half. He could not do the special root canal he planned, but had to extract the tooth. You are one of thousands who has heard or will here this story to reach my 7,000 promise.

It’s really about perspective. How much do we trust or want to God to move on our behalf or the others we pray for ? I normally meet with at least twenty CEOs a month one-on-one. The Lord told me many years ago, to pray before we start talking and ask Him to give us wisdom or insights into the issues we discuss. The Lord will accept our prayers at the end, but He wants to be invited into the conversation with our expectation for Him to reveal something deeper than we ever thought of on our own.

Finally, the Lord loves it when we get intense with Him and even cry out loud, reciting His promises back to Him from scripture. Are you going the ways of the world, finding your answers to educate yourself  or are you fully exercising your Faith to walk deeper with the Father who created you and loves to be involved with helping you complete your assignment here on earth, and lead you to His answers?


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