Facesmash to Facebook

In October, 2003 Mark Zuckerman and some fellow Harvard students took some risk by breaking into the University’s security network to capture student ID photo’s to populate his newly created website called Facemash. Harvard had no student directory and has never been noted as the most “social” campus on the East Coast.

At first, Zuckerman was pulling what I call a prank, trying to compare “who’s hot and who’s not.” It got a lot of student attention and he was fortunate the University Executives did not follow through with the “breach of security” chargers they had threatened.

That and other experiences convinced Zuckerman that he was onto something big. When he started a new, “thefacebook.com” site was just limited to Harvard while half the undergraduates signed up and participated within weeks. In a month they were at Stanford, Columbia and Yale. The vision was getting clearer and today there are nearly a billion users around the world. Their public stock offering was one of the largest in US history and made hundreds of investors, employees and friends multi millionaires.

So what’s the point to this story? Well the Lord is a relationship God and Creator. He creates through those He gives Visions to and who will follow His principles through His grace covering to accomplish extraordinary things and move the world forward. Facebook allows shy and friendly people of all ages to post their news, photos, voice and background to create more friendships and participation. It’s the opposite of war.

Its about using God’s Character calling that He puts into the DNA of people and the using of the Golden Rule or “Loving your Neighbor” principles to become blessed. Facebook and other social media sites and tools allow people to communicate more often and change the world through love, kindness and His calling whether they know Him or believe in Him or not.

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