There is No Competition

Greg Pagh, senior pastor of Christ Lutheran Church near Elk River, Minnesota says, “I used to drive by other churches and curse them because the way they worshipped,  shared the gospel, spoke in tongues, etc., was too charismatic or too laid back.  Then God got a hold of my heart and I sincerely repented.”  Today he and other Pastors meet regularly and even go on mission trips together.  There is unity in their hearts.

Far too many Pastors look at other churches as competitors or think they are wrong about their approach to the gospel.  The Truth is there is only one enemy to the Church of Jesus Christ- Satan, who is still around trying to divide us.

It’s a problem that leads to what some call the individual church “little c,” because it won’t unify with the “Big C” or Body of Christ.  It helps to turnoff non-believers and keeps a vacuum in the church.  It keeps us divided.  The truth is if someone is serving Jesus Christ that is more important than where.

Business is the most intense example of dealing with competition.  They do a competitive analysis and look to capture “market share.”  They ever expect to capture all the customers from their competitors, but want growth.  So they often do the next best thing- they open across the street, go into an office park, shopping center or mall together with their competition.

But some Executives of competing companies come together as Associations and Chambers of Commerce to grow, educate, build and improve the overall marketplace.  They work on task forces together to improve schools, roads, city government and attract more business and competition to the marketplace.  They even refer customers to one another.

If you sat down the Local Automobile Association, they would say they collectively sell nearly 90% of the local cars sold each year (the rest are lost to internet or national dealers).  But if Pastors sat down together they could only say they only get 32% of the potential customer to buy each week.

Can Pastors learn from business?  The Lord is waiting for us to get our act together and serve him deeper.  What can you do?  We are open to help.  Give us a call.

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