How the Church Can Move the Economy

I’ve found that many Pastors are naive as to how the economics of their Church is impacted by the economy.
They see cycles of prosperity and decline and that there is nothing they can do about the economy and more important the financial success of their flock.  Its like many have bought into the public fallacy of “Separation of Church and State.”
The public media is finally recognizing that Small Business is the lifeblood of our economy.
• Small Businesses create 60-80% of all new jobs.
• Nearly 50% all employment is by Small Business.  Big Business reduces jobs; buy up the small business innovators and competitors with their capital sources.
• I believe nearly 50% of adult Church members will start their own business one day, full or part time.
Most Big businesses are after effiencies to be more profitable and look good to stockholders, satisfy their egos and unfortunately too many pursue greed.  We all know greed is one the 7 sins of the heart.  It’s out of God’s will. It’s what can put our economy into a tale spin.
When we get beyond the will of God, Grace periods end and we suffer pain.  We develop character and perseverance as described in James 1:2.  The Lord’s principles apply not just to individuals and families, but organizations and nations as well.
Most Small Businesses are created out of leading of the Lord through a vision of those He calls…Christian or not.  God is moving the world forward through His Spirit.   Jesus said the “Secret to the Kingdom” is found in the parable of the sower.  The seed comes from His leading but the soil is
dependent on the receptivity of our heart.  Reference my book…”The Untold Secret that creates Millionaires.”
Yes, even a Pastor led by the Lord to plant a church is an Entrepreneur.  A good Pastor should be teaching his flock how to be good employees, leaders and entrepreneurs from the Word.  J.C. Penney said, “The best management course is found in the Sermon on the Mount, in the book of Matthew.”
The lifeblood growth of the Church like the economy is based on the innovations and job stimulus of small business.  As they grow, the earnings of their employees grow, who help the church become stronger financially. Yet, most executives from big business probably aren’t in your church; they are worshipping on Sunday at their favorite country club.
Most Christian Entrepreneurs lack practical knowledge of biblical leadership, don’t pray in their business or even fail to seek Wise Counsel from mentors or executives.  I had two Entrepreneurs years ago, commit their lives to Christ and told me that they concluded they had to sell their businesses and go into the ministry.  As I, and other told them, “ your business is your ministry.”
They need to know how the Word applies to their business success and how to seek Him in their leading.  By following Biblical principles, their business will grow and prosper. Is your church helping?  If not, we have tools and can help you.

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