Your Pastor is Really an Economics Professor

A friend of mine, once said a Church is a hospital for sick people, all trying to get healthy.  But for others, it can be an out patient clinic and still others a college community.

Frankly, we are all insecure, we’re looking for healing and nourishment to help us seem whole. More and more people are seeking meaningful relationships to fill their emptiness.  That’s why the popularity of internet dating sites like e-harmony and now social networks, like Facebook and Twitter are booming.

The Lord is a God of relationships with Him and one another.  Successful business is about effective and continuing relationships as well.  Contrary to secular belief or “wall street hype,” by the Lord’s standards the purpose of a business is NOT to make money.  Making money or profits is only a result of effective trusting relationships with customers, employees and many others.  It’s not the cause of success but the result of serving needs or wants.  The purpose of a business is finding the needs of customers and satisfying them… just like a church.

Long term Business success is dependent on the Grace of God and calling of the Lord.  When businesses and organization go beyond His will…the Grace period will eventually end and they will pay the consequences.

Keep in mind, Biblical principles are not just applicable to individuals and families, but organizations and nations as well.

Unfortunately, too many people don’t recognize that financial success in a business or nation depends on following God’s principles.  Long term Economic success is not possible without building relationships and trust with the ones they serve.  Once we purchase a product or service and aren’t appreciative enough of its function, quality, price or service we don’t buy itagain and won’t recommend it to others.

Is it possible that business is the largest unorganized church in the world?  In good businesses, people are constantly ministering to one another.   Some do it well and others don’t, just like a church.  The best express empathy, concern, teach good performance, model values and express love through their service to the customer and one another.  I’m amazed at some employers terminating people and saying, ”its not personal, its just business.”   Well everything is personal, including and especially business.

“Every business is a ministry and every ministry is a business.” 

True economic success is driven by these biblical truths:

·      The Grace of God.

·      By people using their God given talents and leading.

·      Character and Moral integrity through the relationships with employees, customers, suppliers, vendors, stockholders and community.

Spirituality is not required for business success and that is why a non-believer can be successful in business without knowing or seeking the Lord.  But the best management books espouse basic Biblical principles.  Ken Blanchard said it best when he said, “When I came to the Lord, I discovered and could not believe that all my good stuff, was already in the Bible.”

Bottom line: Help your pastor recognize these principles and urge him to teach his entrepreneurs and workers to apply them in their business activities every day, to seek the Lord and His greater purpose in your journey and calling.  If we can be of service, please call on us.

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