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Faith or Education

  Dr. Jerry Williamson, the President of Go To Nations, the respected international mission sending group that has over 500 missionaries in 86 countries says, “People are replacing Faith with Education. It’s a major mistake and Pastors need to sound the alarm and they aren’t.” In a world of increasing technology and mass media, we […]

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Facesmash to Facebook

In October, 2003 Mark Zuckerman and some fellow Harvard students took some risk by breaking into the University’s security network to capture student ID photo’s to populate his newly created website called Facemash. Harvard had no student directory and has never been noted as the most “social” campus on the East Coast. At first, Zuckerman […]

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The Untold Secret to Powerful and Effective Prayers

Last summer we took 30 Christian Entrepreneurs and Ministry leaders to the 7,000 sq. ft., 4 story, ocean home of a former CEO I had had the privilege of coaching and working with for nearly 10 years.  This amazing leader had taken a $2 million company to $2 Billion in sales in just 15 years.  […]

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Are You a Christian in Business?

Too many Christian men who lead or own a business compartmentalize their world into segments.  They have their Family Life, Sport Life, Men’s life with other friends and their Business Life.  For women, they have it all completely intertwined and its just too hard to separate.  Often men can have a big argument with their […]

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American Economic Success is Dependent on the Bible

In the 1920s, Entrepreneur and author, Robert Babson asked the President of Argentina why South America with all its natural resources was so far behind North America in progress and marketing?  He concluded, “South America was settled by the Spanish who came to find gold and North America was settled by Pilgrims in search of […]

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48 Keys to Good Hiring

Intro An NFL team drafts 10 players, sign 15 free agents, 44 players from last year, 20 players from taxi squad scouted an average of 4,000 college players each year. How many candidates do you look at? Avoid 3-minute “snap, emotional” decision (first impression by appearance, personality, experience, etc.) and ending the interview by selling […]

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8 Practical Ways to Manage for Purpose

We don’t have all the answers but will share some insights to give you a glimpse of our perspective and discernment on the subject: Key from our perspective It’s not just the strategy, goals, and ideas we employ. It’s their congruence with the principal of God––the more we follow them, the more we get blessed and in […]

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7 Practical Growth Strategies for Prosperity

1. Strategic Planning In the 1980’s, Truett Cathy and his company, Chick-Fil-A, had a decline in sales for the first time since its founding in 1946. The frustration led him to take his key staff and board members to a Strategic Planning session. After two days of talking and praying, they agreed only on one […]

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7 Practical Concepts to Improve Performance… Going from Good to Great

1. What you measure will improve …keep a scorecard to measure and track goals using Graphs and Charts (many of your top performance are not number people and prefer visual examples) 2. Cross train at the middle management levels when its crunch time.   Often the best performers appreciate  the diversity.  Some of the best CEOs […]

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Marketing Mistakes for Christian Entrepreneurs

Not long ago, a Wise Counsel member was upset with the reaction to their new brochure by a group of doctors.  They had very faintly printed a cross on the front.  Yes, one doctor was Jewish and another Hindu.  So was that the reason? As I prayed and thought through what to share with them…here’s […]

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